I haven’t written in so long! So here I am! Summer has been hecktickly fun…I’m not sure if “Hecktickly” is even a word, but spell check isn’t correcting me, so I guess it’s okay! 🙂 😉

Well, at the beginning of July, my brothers, Mother (, and I headed off to see our friends the Pressie’s in Alberta. We hadn’t seen them in about a year and a half. I’m not sure if I ever shared this with you, but about a year, almost 2 now I guess, we found out that within 4 months the paper mill here was shutting down. Leaving 400 people unemployed. Including my Dad, and Mr.Pressie! Mr.Pressie was moved to a mill, in a town around the same size as Kitty, in Alberta. We hadn’t seen the Pressie’s since they had moved to Alberta in Febuary of last year. I had sortof kept in touch with there oldest daughter Sophia, she just graduated as of this year. The Pressie’s have 5 kids total, Sophia (17), Jesse (16), Alisa (12), Micah (9), Caleb (not exactly sure of age.). We’ve known the family for a long, long, LONG time…how much had they change since we last saw them???

I didn’t know. I remember stepping out of the car. The Pressie’s came out. Sophia holding little Caleb’s hand. Alisa running to me. Micah happy. Mrs. Pressie, Mrs.Pressie….wait, where’s Jesse? They hadn’t changed much, they were just amazing as I remembered them. Micah just as annoying, Alisa just as perky, Sophia just as friendly, and Jesse….Jesse just…just Jesse.
We spent a rocking week there. I’ll post pictures later.

We had decided to stay an extra day, and by the time we were on the road back to BC….the roads were flooded! So we had to take a 4 hour detour, we probably would’ve stopped somewhere if we weren’t due at Serve 2011 the next day! What’s Serve 2011? It’s where a whole bunch of youth groups come together to work in one community doing what needs to be done. This year, that community was Kitty! Yes, not joking.  We worked on cleaning up an old road (“Ewwwww! Diapers!?” Not even joking. 😛 ), and painting a church. Or at least our youth group did. 168 people came to Kitty to help, so other youth groups went to different sites…
Among the youth groups were our friends the Haugens, they used to live in Kitty years back…when I was 9 I think. I’ve known them all my life. (I had seen them once, maybe 2 times since they moved.) But 2/5 them recognized me when I greeted them! (There 2nd oldest boy even introduced himself, thinking that he didn’t know me. 😛 More on that later.) The speaker for Serve (Andy Moffet), was good. The band? (Fraser Campbell,) AMAZING! It was a week that was a highlight of my summer…if not my life. I made new friends, and got to serve others.  I’ll post pictures later.

I got to jet now.
Babysitting in about….10-20 minutes.

Blessings, Smiles, and Prayers!
Jenessa Joy! 🙂



  1. Hi Jenessa,
    Sounds like you’re having a good summer! “Serve” sounds like an awesome program! What community are they working in next time?
    Enjoy your summer.
    ~ Sarah


  2. Next year, we’re working in Peace River Alberta. It’s been a pretty amazing summer so far. 🙂 Thanks to both of you Jessica, and Sarah for your support. 🙂


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