“What Dreams May Come,” Dance 2011 performance!

Kaitlyn (our female lead), and I!

Last week…wow.We pulled it off. With a lot of hard work, a lot of fun, a lot faith, a lot of desire, a lot of dedication, a lot of determination.

Ayla (who played our male lead), and I!

Most of you probably know I dance, ballet, and contemporary. I’m not a prodigy or anything, I’m an okay dancer, and I love dancing. Every year we prepare a year-end performance. It’s always a lot of fun, the whole dance year we work on learning pieces, and we’re assigned parts. Some smaller parts, and some big lead roles. This year the performance was to be called “What Dreams May Come”, it was based on a movie, that had a very sad storyline. My dance choreographer changed it drastically though. The storyline for our performance? There were a man and women who fall in love, they are soul mates, but the husband suffers a heart attack, and is in comma. The wife, has a hard time dealing with it, yet in the end he’s fine. There were lots of little extra stuff, but that’s the gist of it!

Our male lead, Brodie, came down with tonsilitis, which was very unfortunate. Brodie: if you’re reading this, I’m sorry that you couldn’t dance! I hope you feel better, and you’re amazing dancer, and  I’m sure you have years of dancing ahead of you! Keep dancing boy!
Because there was only one male dancer in our class, Ayla, a girl, had to play being a guy in a few dances. It turned out AMAZING!

It took a lot of work, the week following the performance we had tons of practices, and a hard-core practice on Saturday, 11:30-9:00. (Yes, I am serious.)
It was worth it.
We were close to a full house I think, and being onstage, that feeling, unforgettable. I danced…probably 6 dances total. It was so much fun, and totally worth it.  It’s hard to believe it’s all over! We worked so hard for that show, and though I messed up, I just want to do it all over again. I get the feeling that I didn’t get enough!

Justine (my partner in part of one of my dances), and I.
Our amazing set!
Ileah (a student teacher, and dancer), and I!

As we were leaving the parking lot after the performance my Mom tells me: “You did it Nessy! Dance 2011!” And I responded, “Yeah, we did it! But dance 2012 is just around the corner!”

That’s right dancers! We did it! I can’t believe it’s all over, I just want to be onstage again, I just want to rewind. It was too short. It was over so quickly. And now it’s all over. We did it. Dance 2011….

But just wait, Dance 2012, will probably be even better!

Jenessa Joy Klukas
   ~The Dancer~

A special thanks from the author: thank-you to my choreographer, and dance teacher, Leah. You are an amazing choreographer, and you did a fabulous job putting this show together. Thank-you, so, so much!!!!!! 🙂


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