Dear Readers! You might not be aware of this but every MONTH a 100,000 unborn children are aborted!!!! How horrible is that???? It shocks, and horrifies me! IT’S SO AWFUL! Everyone, should have the right to live, but unfortunately not everyone gets the chance.

I, myself am a result of a teen pregnancy, my birth parents could have easily aborted me. But they didn’t. They had me, and gave me up for adoption. That was a good choice.

On Easter Monday, April 25th 2011, I’m launching “Jenessa’s Jewels”. I’ll be selling jewelry and key chains here on Jenessa’s Joy’s Journal, and on my other blog: Believing and Beyond, all the money earned goes to “Right To Life,” a pro-life organization. “Right To Life”‘s goal is to prevent abortion. I hope that you’ll come out and buy some pieces of jewelry. Buying one necklace, bracelet, or key chain helps.

Everyone deserves to live.

Jenessa Joy



  1. Great idea Jenessa!!! I don’t know if you know this but I have a half sister that I just met this past weekend who came from a teenage pregnancy!


  2. @ Squeaks: thanks! I hope you’ll like them! 🙂

    @ Daniel: yeah, I had heard about your half-sister, but I didn’t know she came from a teen pregnancy. I’m sure you were excited to meet her. 🙂 I’m happy for you! 😀


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