And the Light Comes Back! :)

The light came back the next day! 🙂 So I took more pictures! Cross and ButterflyMost of them turned out pretty good…I was/am happy! 🙂 Butterflies and Cross

I took a lot of pictures, but as yesterday I’ll select only a few. Butterfly and Flower Bracelet

What can I say? It was fun! Magnetics, butterflies, and ribbon!

So I kept going….Magnetics, and Butterfly!

And going…More magnetics and butterflies!

I was having a ball!

Butterflies edited!

Until…the final, last photo!Whew, that was fun!

I wonder if the light will come back today…? If it does, then I’ll attempt to take pictures of something other than butterflies and jewelry, as I’m guessing you’re getting rather tired of hearing about them…
Jenessa Joy,
signing off!


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