Hey Blogsphere!

Long time no talk! 🙂 Do you see the subject of this post “Train”? Are you curious? Today I’m dancing in a music festival with a group of amazing of other girls. Our dance is called “Train”, and it is fabulous…So please send up a prayer for us as we start dancing tonight. 🙂 That’d be great.

Our dance is amazing, and the dance is fabulous, but we are competing against some fabulous dancers, and we could probably do better if we had a little cleaning done. To late for that now, so hopefully we do okay. Prayers would be appreciated.

Signed with nervousness,

Jenessa Joy


2 thoughts on “Train,

  1. Lollie says:

    I’m so glad you sent me your blog! I favorited your other one, not sure how to sign up for updates! 🙂
    But I got this one coming in my e-mail! Yay!
    Love you!


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