Lots of Snow!

Snow is falling, prestine, and beautiful…yet, I want it to melt! “Now, why would you want to do that?!” You ask, “snow is fun! You can go sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding….why would you want it to melt!?”
Have you seen how much snow there is in our little town!? The snow bails (big snow dunes around the driveways, I call them “snow bails” for some reason. :P) are probably inbetween my waist, to the same height as me! Do you know how long that will take to melt!? If it started melting now, at least it would be gone at a decent timing! For spring! Because when “spring” comes along I want it to feel like Spring! Even thought I like snow, I love my winter boots, I like skiing, I would ♥love♥ to try snowshoeing, but the snow is somehow hard to deal with…yet, God wants it to keep snowing, so I guess it will work out for good….and it is beautiful. 🙂 Snow…snow…snow…SNOW! Well, I guess I can enjoy it while I still can, because I know in the middle of summer I’ll probably be wishing for snow….:)


PS: I’m using this article for my online schools student run newspaper. 🙂



  1. Cool stuff! Yeah, we have a lot of snow here, but probably not as much as where you are. I love the snow, especially when it comes in a big dump lol, because it makes Vernon look like such a cute little country town instead of a trying-to-be-big-city 😛 The streets get all mucky, people jay-walk more, and all in all it looks prettier!



  2. Yes, snow’s sure pretty, but it leads to pretty messy streets. 😛 Here right now, it’s snowing like crazy, and there is tons of snow, on and off the street.

    Living with lots of snow!
    Aka: Jenessa


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