Happy New Years! How was your Christmas? I got something, that didn’t exactly qualify as a Christmas present, but should have! On the Monday before Christmas I recieved a letter, that I, Jenessa Joy, was going to be published!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! “What? How? Why?” You think! “How did this happen!?” Yes, dear reader, it is really happening, and I am filled with exhuberance, excited, and full of energy over all this! I entered a poetry contest, and that contest selected a number of there poems  to publish in a book, AND MINE WAS CHOSEN!!!! My Christmas was good. 🙂 You know boxing day? The day with all the big sales? That was the day my Auntie Susan died. ;( That was very sad.  She’s a better place then this fallen world. We had to travel a 16 hour trip for the funeral, which was hard. I miss you Auntie Susan. Something a little happier, I GOT MY ELECTRIC GUITAR!!!!! I’m ecstatic about this, and love it very much. It is a Squier Classic Vibe  Stratocaster by Fender. It is amazing. I bought an amp a Fender Mustang. It’s epic! 🙂 So there is my news! May God bless you in this coming year! In Christ, Jenessa Joy

 PS: To  see my poem please go here:


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