*Insert Unhappy Writer Right Here*

As  the title says. *Insert Unhappy Writer Here* Self explanatory. I’m an unhappy writer. Why are you an unhappy writer? You ask. Because,  I am unsure what to happen next in my book.  So I am at a scene where Mark and Kaia….

You probably haven’t read anything, or know anything about my book….either then  the fact that it’s fantasy/fiction…Well, we’re going to have to fix this won’t we?

“Mark hurried down the hall to stop at his locker before heading home, he stopped in his tracks a few feet from his locker, the locker to the left of his, that had been previously unoccupied was open and a girl with long thick brown hair was facing it. He recognized her immediately. “Jamie?” He said in a whisper, taking a step closer, he hurried up to her, and tapped her shoulder. “Jamie!” He said as she turned to him. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to Hendrickson?” Let alone come to school here!”

Jamie blinked, then with a smile she said, with no recognition in her face at all, “do I know you?”

Mark, and Sadie Berjer, are two unhappy kids, when one of their best friends, Jamie, and her family disappear into thin air. Jamie can’t be found. Anywhere. Then Mark spots her at the local high-school, she has no memory off him, telling him that he is talking to the wrong person, Mark who is still thinking it’s Jamie, discovers that this girl who is almost identical to Jamie, name is Kaia. Strange things begin to happen, darkness starts to creep and lurk around the Berjer’s house, and the Berjer kids keep seeing glimpses of Jamie in Kaia’s personality. Is Jamie actually Kaia?”

So, how was it? (Tell me what you think!) I am currently at 3,576 words, and stuck at one part. *Insert Unhappy Writer*.

Blessings, Smiles, and Writing,




  1. @ Jenessa,

    Great excerpt and keep up the good work. I know what it feels like to be stuck at a part in your book, in fact I am there right now, but here is a little suggestion. Do not stop writing, in fact don’t put your pen down! As soon as you think you cant write any more, that is the time when you can do your best.

    ~Son of the King~
    (Back to ITML…soon)


    • SOTK…when I can’t think of anything more, it usually means my brains are fried (as they currently are). I need to put them in the microwave on “re-heat” and then stuff em back inside to see if I can juice it any more XD Usually…usually it doesn’t work. Thus, I would suggest that if you feel like you’re burning out, you stop writing and take a break, then go back and try again 🙂


  2. That sounds grand, Jenessa!! I love it 🙂 I totally know how you feel. Right now, in my second book “Wizard Grox and the Pigeons of Snid”, I’m stuck. My characters are traveling through a land called Guinelle and NOTHING interesting is happening. Bleh. So I totally know what you mean 😉 Just keep up the good work…don’t stop writing, even if you have to skip a chapter or something to keep the ideas going, never stop! Here’s an excellent blog you might want to take a look at. The guy’s name is Jake and he’s 14; he’s finished writing 4 books! (wow yeah?)


    I’ve “known” Jake for like…more than 1/2 a year now. He’s really really awesome and is a great writing pal. If you ever need tips, his blog is the place to go 🙂


  3. Thanks for the help, and opinion Squeaks, and SOTK! 🙂 I appreciate it! I broke out off my writers block last night, and I am happy about it. 🙂 Thanks for the link Squeaks! I’ll check it out.

    Thank-you, I appreciate your comments, support, and tips! 🙂 😉

    AKA: Jenessa


  4. AWesOMe sAUce!!! I’m glad you gave that writers block a kick in the bottom and sent it flyin’! 😛 It’s always a good feeling to have sudden inspiration 🙂



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