3,182 Words!

Dear Journal Hi all!

Yes, I do have something productive to say right now!!!! You might not know this but I am working on writing a book (it’s a fantasy/fiction book!) and it’s going really well. I’m surprised. Now, my goal has been so far to become a published author before I’m 15…next May, I’ll be turning 15. I’ve been published in a magazine two times, and I’m part of my online  school’s newspaper, also my blogs “Believing and Beyond…” and “Jenessa Joy’s Journal” count as home publishing, so technically I have already been published. So, my next goal is to get a book written by the time I’m 15, and a book published by the time I’m 18. OK!? The book I’m working on is at: 3,182 words. Yeah, not a lot. But it’s good. I’m really happy with my work so far!!!!!! Believe me, I’m really excited about this! ♥

Good-bye for now journal!

Talk to you later!
Blessings, Smiles, and Prayers,



  1. That’s awesome Jenessa! I hope you maintain the bravery it takes to finish a book. So many times authors start writing but never finish. So be brave & courageous! And if you ever release an excerpt I’d love to read it!



  2. HI! That’s so cool that you’ve gotten so far. I’ve got a site that might help you with the editing. It’s called critique circle. The point of this site is you critique other peoples work than you get points. If you get three points you can put up you’re own work to be critiqued. Hope that helps and keep up the good work. ^_^


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