Sticks and Stones/Word Deceit

Most of you probably know that I was in a dance performance in June, and it I got the chance to write, and perform a oringinal poem, I wrote, in the performance. So here it is here. On the net for the first time. Enjoy!

written by Jenessa

Sticks and Stones, can break my bones but words can never hurt me.’
Do you know what kind of  lies lurk behind this little saying?
Do you know what kind of words can hurt?
Words that sting, words that smart, words hurt and slash
the heart.
Words that drip with dark deceit,
and words that can be changed to sound almost flowery and appealing.
Words that play with our minds making us think of things, dark black!
Words that make us cry with pain, making us think of things dark dismay.
The kind of words people have said, that make us cry in our head.
The words that make us cry with a stabbing pang.
But, there are words that make us feel new again.
The ones that stroke with a healing brush, and paint us with a joyous touch.
The words full of smiles and laughter, the ones that give us satisfaction.
The words full of kindness and of peace, the ones that take all the fun,
out of being mean.  The pretty words that fight the dark words of our lives.
The words of faith, that bring to life, the beauty in our lives.

~Jenessa Joy Klukas


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